Top five fave foods


5. broccoli

4. ramen soup

3. Lay’s brand classic potato chips

2. dark chocolate anything

1. My family’s spaghetti sauce


Veronica Mars - 2x08 Ahoy, Mateys!

Sorry, I was just seeing how long we could have a conversation with your side only being questions.


Living with mental illness is like navigating a mine field every day where you’re the only person who knows about the mines. If you get through the day without tripping a mine, to everyone else it looks like you just took a walk across a nice open field. It’s not worth mentioning, let alone congratulating you over. But if you lose and everything blows up in your face, everyone notices. Everyone sees. And since they can’t see the mines, they just assume you built the bomb yourself and let it explode.





oh this fanfiction has an interesting summary and it’s even complete let’s see wha

I got up”

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Question for you guys:  Is it a turn-off in novels as well? I don’t typically write in first person but I’m using it for, well, reasons in my novel.  Is it something that can be gotten past or am I going to lose readers before they even really look at it because of my POV choice?

I really like first person narratives. Like a lot a lot a lot.

ooooo  sophygurl, you’re actually someone that I’ve specifically had in mind to take a look at my novel when I’m ready to have someone besides my beta check it out! Would you be up for it?

I …. would be so fucking honored, yea. I do this for my friend sometimes (she writes scifi/fantasy novels and short stories) so it’s a thing I’ve done before and feel comfortable doing, but I can be kinda slow about it at times - just so you’re warned ahead of time. But yea!

are you gay?
gay people: hella
pan/bi/poly people: ish?
are you straight?
straight people: YES????? WHAT ELSE WOULD I BE???? DO I LOOK GAY???? IS IT MY SHIRT????
gay people: nah
pan/bi/poly people: ish?
The 7th file in your GIF folder is your reaction to the police telling you “You’re under arrest!”







Who knew it would provoke such a pile on? I almost feel badly for Piz…except not really. He could have at least put his fucking arm around Veronica and told her the people she went to school with were assholes, instead of declaring Neptune a ‘hellmouth’ while he stood there gawping at a sexy video…

I personally always thought Piz was actually a Nice Guy tm. The way he reacted to her having a boyfriend, his passive-agressivity asking her out under the false pretense it was a group thing and then being pissed she brought her boyfriend. He strikes me as the typical nice guy. He was also rather self centered, even though some people might think it was funny or cute (I did sometimes) he couldn’t even be happy for two seconds that his girlfriend got her dream internship. I will admit his non reaction both times were for me plot points, just to make it clear (in case we were stupid or blind) how Logan is all for revenge and retribution when he’s a lover not a fighter or whatever. But other than people saying he was a loving supportive nurturing boyfriend, I never actually saw example of that. I’ll admit I hate Piz more than I ever hated Duncan and will never understand why he was in the movie, because in the grand scheme of things he was totally useless and uninteresting, IMHO of course.

Okay, I’m not disagreeing with any of those observations about Piz, but I also think that he was a nice guy in addition to being a Nice Guy TM. I think once he had the girl, he was probably decent to her. Especially in New York, once he’d grown up a bit and gained more confidence. He was probably a lot more of a Nice Guy TM in college, before he’d gained more real world experience with women.

The way he broke up with Veronica was actually pretty classy IMO, and proved this to me. A true Nice Guy TM would have tried to guilt trip her into staying with him and would have taken her to task for her failings more. Piz made it quick and easy. He just gracefully exited, pride still intact for both of them. He could have dragged it out or clung to her harder.

As for Duncan…I seriously don’t understand how anybody can hate Piz more than Duncan. Duncan dumped and ignored her for a year while his friends sexually harassed her and slit her tires. And then had sex with her when she was drugged and he believed she was his sister!!!!! And then made it about him when she confronted him about believing/feeling she was raped by him. And then knocked up her friend and withheld the information from her. And then told her it didn’t affect her when she found out on her own. And then possibly received a BJ from Kendall.

I mean, I understand why people find Piz annoying, but I just don’t get why people hate Piz MORE than Duncan. How could anybody hate any of her boyfriends more than Duncan? Was there anybody who was ever worse to her than him? Even Troy, who used her to skip town with his other girlfriend, was still preferable to Duncan.

Duncan IMO was the third biggest main character scumbag in the show, after 1) Aaron and 2) Mercer/Moe.

I even dislike him more than Cassidy, because Cassidy was seriously damaged goods. He was emotionally (and probably physically) abused at home, ridiculed at school, and sexually abused in his spare time. It didn’t excuse what he did, but it explained it.

Duncan was just a Grade-A entitled douchebag who couldn’t see past his own mangst. He had two parents who loved him, all the money in the world, a devoted best friend, popularity, looks, brains, and women throwing themselves at him…and yet he was still the biggest Hamlet in Neptune. Logan’s family was decimated, house burned down, and was arrested for murder and he STILL didn’t bitch as much as Duncan did.

My point is Piz »»»> Duncan Every day of the week.

I’ll take a deep breath now :)

Piz certainly matured over the years, but if he had tried to guilt trip her to stay with him, he wouldn’t have been a Nice Guy TM but a manipulative abusive asshole and I never pegged him as one.

I never said Piz was worst than Duncan, just that I hated him more. My hatred is not logical, it’s just the way I feel. Maybe because I had a lot of Piz in my life so it’s easier for me to identify with that, and also because Duncan left so long ago all the anger I felt has more or less subside. Piz is unfortunately still very recent, as he was on the movie. But what really irks me about him is the way he’s been given so much importance in the VM verse, it drives me nuts. That whole triangle they kept pushing on us since before the 3rd even season started, basically the writers/producers made me hate Piz so much. Like he was the perfect boyfriend alternative, to Logan bad boy persona. I would haved prefered Leo in that position, but I guess Veronica cheating on him and dumping him for Logan kinda disqualifed him. I hate that I’m actually writing so much about this stupid non existent triangle so I’ll stop. But I’ll just say s3 was the land of wasted opportunities, I’m guessing it was the CW input, they do love their love triangle.

Duncan was horrible to Veronica and I’ll never understand why she was so blind to that. The way he dumped her (never telling it to her face very classy) and the rape, and everything you already said. The fact that V never let anything Logan did pass (some would argue she did with the body shots, but the way she left him after discovering the cameras without talking to him pretty much shows that she didn’t actually had forgiven him because she never trusted him completely after that) made them interesting. V/D were a mess, living in a pretend relationship, they never talked about anything, and Duncan seemed to in a way despise her (the dreams he had when Meg was in a coma were disturbing to say the least).

I agree that he was the worst. But Dick is a pretty horrible person and I don’t hate him. I didn’t like the fact that his actions were white washed but I didn’t hate him. I can’t really explain it, some people just rub you the wrong way I guess.

True. We should all hate Dick Casablancas and for some reason (Ryan Hansen is a fine ass Greek god with the charm of an Arabian prince and the humor of a Borscht-belt vaudevillian?) we just can’t.

I do think it might be because Dick just seems like a follower, rather than a mastermind. Maybe that’s one reason he’s sometimes given a pass?

Like, we know he bullied Cassidy because his dad did, so he was used to rolling with assholes and laying low, to stay out of the hot seat himself. He always struck me as the ultimate yes man, rather than the ringleader.

If you look at the flashbacks at Shelley’s party, I think it’s kind of implied that Shawn is the one driving the abuse (especially the girl-on-girl stuff), even if Dick is enthusiastically backing him up.

And I’m not sure Dick really thought Cassidy was actually going to rape Veronica. It might be wishful thinking, but I think he was 99.9% sure Cassidy would wimp out and it would be another thing he could rub in his face. Like “Beaver couldn’t even get laid by an unconscious chick!”. I think he was setting him up to fail.

As for slipping date-rape drugs into Madison’s drink. UGH. No mitigating that. So so so gross. The only thing I can think of is that we all despise Madison for the things she’s done to Veronica, so it’s hard to feel sympathy for her character. If he had tried to do this to Meg, he would have been more reviled. Also, he never did get to have sex with her that night, so an aborted rape attempt is easier to mentally whitewash than an actual rape.

These are just theories.

I’m actually of the belief that there’s a good person deep DEEP within Dick Casablancas just waiting to be unearthed, but it’s going to take a lot of therapy and probably an extreme life-altering experience before it happens. I am so there for it to happen in the books. So there. I need a redemption arc.

Back to Piz….yeah, he’s annoying. I get it. He just doesn’t bother me, because he’s kind of a nothing guy, you know? He’s not a threat to Logan. He’s not right for Veronica, clearly, and he has never actually done anything horrible to either of them (his weak machinations at college didn’t actually break LoVe up, they just made him look pathetic).

Duncan is the anti-Christ of characters. He’s worse than Dick, because he gets a pass at everything, and like you said, he got a heroes exit.

At least Dick Casablancas showed remorse over the treatment of his brother! Did Duncan show remorse over the way he treated Veronica? Nope.

At least Dick apologized to Mac for treating her like crap! Did we see Duncan apologize to Veronica? Nope.

When Dick Casablancas has more personal growth than you do, your character is morally craptastic.

omg  Oh how I love that last line!!!

I hate Dick. But like, I hate him in that way that I still enjoy his character and want him to have character growth so I can stop hating him at some point but until they give him that he’s still at least an attempted rapist and all around douchebag who doesn’t seem to have learned much about being a decent person?? So I keep hating him.

Duncan I hate on both levels of - he’s a horrible human being AND super boring to watch on screen.

Piz is a whole other story. I really don’t hate Piz - but I do dislike him, I am annoyed by him, I do think he’s a Typical Nice Guy (tm), and all wrong for our Veronica in so many many ways. I join in on some of the fandom hate on him because it’s fucking FUNNY but I don’t actually think he’s a bad guy - just don’t particularly care for him or find him to be a genuinely NICE guy ether. But damn is he fun to make fun of! 

Cassidy I can’t help loving no matter what he’s done and it’s wrong and bad and icky but I can’t help it okay HIS NAME IS CASSIDY OKAY *crying in the corner about it*.

Logan, obviously, I love. But I also don’t excuse or apologize for any of the harm he’s done. He’s done real harm. He’s also made up for a lot of that harm and doesn’t actively harm people anymore. But that doesn’t mean we just handwave that he sexually assaulted Veronica or that he arranged bum fights or that he bullied the less fortunate students in school with him, etc.

So yea… my point? (does she have one, you’re all asking yourselves??) My point is that who we love and hate - especially in fictional universes - has more to do with a laundry list of their behaviors. That factors in, but other factors include how well their characters were written and acted, why they did what they did, if they’ve had a decent redemption arc or not, etc.

Therefore, it can be a lot of fun to hate on Piz even though he’s not done any of the horrible things that a lot of these other characters have done. It’s easy to hate on Duncan because he was not a very well developed character and was played by a sort of mediocre actor as well as doing some shitty things. It’s difficult to hate on Dick and Cassidy even though they’ve clearly both done heinous things because Dick is hilarious and Cassidy is pathetic. And Logan - well most of us love Logan despite his shortcomings and some of us hate him despite his good qualities - clearly a LOT of other factors come into play in how we feel about that guy.

Then there is Weevil who is generally beloved and also has done some really heroic and villainous things. And Wallace who is generally beloved and has done practically nothing wrong ever.

You just can’t explain character feels through sheer actions and behaviors. There’s just too much else going on.

Top five smells.

oooooo interesting!

5. garlic

4. chocolate

3. coffee beans

2. that smell right before it rains

1. cat’s fur



oh this fanfiction has an interesting summary and it’s even complete let’s see wha

I got up”

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Question for you guys:  Is it a turn-off in novels as well? I don’t typically write in first person but I’m using it for, well, reasons in my novel.  Is it something that can be gotten past or am I going to lose readers before they even really look at it because of my POV choice?

I really like first person narratives. Like a lot a lot a lot.


I like being sent legit anon asks it’s like being interviewed by a fan

put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

lol No worries. I was just teasing anyway.

I know, but it did occur to me that someone might take it personally, so I took the opportunity to clarify. :)



I was trying to explain to my grandma what being bisexual meant and saying that I looked at ladies butts and she was all
"You’re not GAY everyone checks out ladies rear ends" and my sister was like "I have never wanted to look at a ladies butt"
Later my grandma called me and was like “I THINK I MIGHT BE A LITTLE GAY”








It was worth the wait. Your pre-series work always seems so spot on that I can tuck it away and add it to my head canon (like your fic on the three Octobers). (To be clear, I also like your during and post series works ;)

You’re the sweetest.

(I’ve discovered that getting people to read my pre-series stuff is like pulling teeth and I get it, I do. Most of the time, pre-series means some dodgy wish fulfillment type stuff. As you know, that’s not really my steez. So thank you so much for reading it.)

I’m completely obsessed with the progression of the Logan/Veronica relationship - especially because it started before we even got to see it, in their comfortable, fond, not terribly deep, but absolutely genuine friendship. They were very much the boyfriend and girlfriend of each other’s best friends, pals by proxy, and in the brief flashbacks of that time they display an easy, relaxed rapport that is the complete opposite of the angry, this-is-personal dynamic we see in the beginning of season one.

Neither of them had a completely idyllic existence prior to that October, they just hid it better*. After Lilly’s death, they get caught in each other’s undertow. It’s incredibly fucking dark. Without this history, their eventual romance wouldn’t interest me as much.

TL;DR - this is just a long winded explanation of why I like writing the pre-series stuff, because it informs the present in really vital ways and it’s my version of the crazy detective mystery solving wall, using yarn to connect the dots from one character defining moment to another.

*One of the things I was glad to see in the book was confirmation that Lianne’s alcoholism was something that had been going on for quite some time, way before anything happened with Lilly. It explained so much.

Surprisingly, the Logan-and-Veronica-as- friends-before scenarios really interest me, far more than what comes after, because in The Wrath of Con (I think?) when we see the flashbacks to the four at them before the dance,  Logan and Veronica’s dynamic is SO fond and co-conspiratorial.  There’s a real sense of them being a true quartet, with their individual romantic relationships but also friendships across those lines.

Which is why, when talking about Logan and Veronica after Lilly’s death, I always think it was the betrayal of that friendship that is the major genesis of Veronica’s trust issues with Logan.  Less the generic “the people you love let you down” suspicion, and more the very specific “this person who was a close and important part of my life not only let me down, but attacked me for daring to support my Dad.”

And all of the erosions of trust after that (discovering he had the GHB, discovering the cameras in the bedroom) are so damning for Veronica (rightly or wrongly, of course) BECAUSE of that initial betrayal. 

Which is why I find it so frustrating when people gloss over that initial post-Lilly harrassment/bullying as ‘foreplay’ or whatever, because I can’t help but think they are missing a huge tragedy at work there, which from an writerly perspective, surely serves to make their eventual reconciliation/s that much more meaningful and earned. (Though I must admit I do prefer to noir archetype of the person who wronged their beloved being forced to subside in the ruins and love her/him from afar.  Which if you think about it is exactly what happens to Logan throughout S2.)

But hey.  I’m forgetting I dare not have an opinion on Logan and Veronica ;)

I think that Logan’s misplaced fury at Veronica after Lilly’s death is another big part of what interests me about them. That time was not pretty and while Logan could half-jokingly call it foreplay later on (partly because I think even he knew his feelings for her had grown complicated at that point) and Veronica chose to forgive him, the fact is neither of them forgot it. I think Veronica came to understand it in the way she understood her own rage from that time, as something academic, best looked at with remove. Because examining it too closely would be too much.

But yes, from a dramatic, writing standpoint, this is spun gold. I love how clearly everyone’s learned responses are shaped by their experiences. We may personally not understand it but when you look at the big picture, it all makes sense.

Maybe I’m a weirdo but I love characters who fuck up. I love characters who do things for the wrong reasons. And sometimes learn from it, or not. They mean more to me, I love them more for it. I get why someone would overlook their favorite character’s flaws but I’m into the gray. It gives me a sense that they’re real and could go either way in the decision making process. Not necessarily good or bad, just complicated and alive. This is why I love Veronica so much. Because she doesn’t do the picture perfect expected thing, though she could, if she wanted to. She simply can’t. Because even now, as an adult, she’s still capable of seeing nothing but red.

On a related note, you must love Angel, then? ;)

*cough* guilty as charged.  Particularly in Buffy, though I didn’t enjoy him as much through Angel (okay, I admit it. I stopped watching Angel at IWRY.  Otherwise known as “too much fucking pain kill me NOW Joss”.

But yes, out of Buffy’s boys, Angel spoke to me the most, though I enjoyed Spike a LOT when he was bad, not so much after he went loopy in the later seasons.  But my otp for Buffy is pretty much Faith, speaking of dark characters who like to wallow in it and get destructive but then face the need for redemption.

*has a desperate need to find that gif of Faith breaking out of jail one more time.*




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*ask and you will receive they say*

*kisses sophy’s feet*

*giggles* those feet are ticklish.