Zach: Are you mad at me?

Aww. Little #BBZach needs some #zankie validation that#BBFrankie isn’t mad at him.#BB16 #BBLF


When #zankie hold hands while plotting. #BB16 #BBLF


Part 1 of Zach’s crazy plan/Zankie hand holding




Hayden: You can hop in my bed

Frankie: No, I’m gonna sleep with my boyfriend (Zach)

you can find most of what you said n zankiegrance's blog :)

haaa, of course that is my main resource! I was just confused because I missed some stuff on the actual feeds for some reason.


take a shot every time zach says frankie is the funniest person ever

my poor liver.

Zach: I want to come back for All-Stars, that’d be sick. 
Frankie: Zankie back for All-Stars.
Zach: Dude! If there was like a couples edition…


Why the sudden interest in safe anal sex, Zachary? ;)

okay I found this part but it certainly wasn’t at 4:02 am - I wish ppl would get their timestamps right. grrrr.

all the things you said people were lying about zankie, they actually weren't lying! They just got the time stamp wrong!

okay, good! checking the feeds again to see why I missed stuff!! TY

Zach and Frankie discuss sexuality

okay this is so weird. i read about this convo, went to watch it for myself, only heard half of it on the feeds - like not first half/second half but like bits of it were missing - so I thought someone was lying, but then no it’s in this video.

I’m so confused now. did I blank out? did the feeds audio jump around on me?

*goes back to watch again*