Of Creationism and Veronica Mars


Last night I had the most ridiculous, awesome dream but first there are three things you should know.

1. My mom has been working on this crocheted wool blanket, it’s made of squares each with different patterns.

2. I’ve been having these intense days at work, not much sleeping and last night I finally got the chance to lay down. I passed out in the living room couch.

3. My mom covered me with the wrap she’s working on and I noticed when she did it in my semiconscious state.

The dream:

I woke up in a chair, still covered by the blanket. At the other end of it was a man crocheting more squares to it. I look down to the wrap and it was different from my mom’s, it had faces or moments like the drawings from the Egyptians.

I started watching the story that was told on the blanket and it was Veronica Mars’. Every column was a character timeline so to speak, everything they’ve done since the day they were born. I was there watching everything play out continuously, like they were gifs but without being it, it was weird. Everything happening at the same time, it was like looking through the Aleph*. It’ was mind blowing.

I stand up and sit next to the man and notice he was Rob Thomas only he didn’t look like him at all, but he spoke the same (hand gestures included). I just stay there watching him create hundreds of moments, sometimes at the same time, like he was a wizard.

The threads of every character were different, each one had imprinted the character’s traits. Veronica’s was smart, hurted, loyal, caring, vindictive. Lilly’s was carefree, loving, wild. And so on with each one. Also the threads changed with time like losing or gaining characteristics accordingly to the experiences each person was living.

The threads sometimes cross into the others columns and then they go back to their own like when a life touches another. But then Rob started to blend the threads of two columns like wrapping one thread with the other, making it its core and vise versa, they were tangled, but it was hidden no one would be able to see it.

Me: what are you doing?
Rob: it starts now, they are linked underneath from now on, even if the squares are telling different stories, their threads are shared until the whole blanket story ends.

So I look to the pattern being built and the two squares in their respective columns showed Logan and Veronica meeting for the first time in a soccer field. It was totally amazing, the work look almost alive and Rob as the fangirl he is, was as amazed as me, proud of it.

I stay next to him as he build it all, as the stories were told, as they get together and drift apart, over and over, as they move away from one another but always sharing their threads. And all the time you could see how Logan and Veronica’s threads kept pulling toward each other like they knew something wasn’t right, like they were fighting against the individual stories they were telling, they were fighting to melt the stories and make them the same, make them one. Freaking awesome.

When the stories and threads met again after hundreds of separated moments (9 years) Woooooooooooooah! Man, I don’t even know how to describe it, it was like sunrise and stars and rainbows. The threads became even more alive, as if light was created out of them. WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO GIF OUR DREAMS DAMMIT!

This is it, I remember seeing moments of the book too, moments of Logan on deployment, even moments after he gets back, I don’t really can tell what was happening I just know I saw them (?). Dreams are weird.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this delusional moment of beauty, I know I suck at descriptions but hope it make any sense to you.


* The Aleph: point where you can see every single place of the world, from every possible angle, on any time period, playing all at the same time, without blending or confusion. (The Aleph - Jorge Luis Borges)


get to know me meme -  favorite TV Shows (3/10)

B U F F Y - T H E    V A M P I R E    S L A Y E R  

Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. She is the Slayer.

Poly Shipping Meme

Give me a fandom and I’ll give you my:

* OT3 (triangle, all involved with one another)

* OTV (three ppl, but one person is involved with the other two)

* OT4 (quad, all involved with one another)

*OTN (four ppl, but not all involved with one another)

*OTMoar (five or more in a polyfidelitious ship together)

*OTPPP (poly puppy pile of a group in any manner of configuration of my choice)

*OTPOTP (two OTPs that I think should link up together for occasional sexy times)

*OTO (OTP in an open relationship)

*OTPLP (one true platonic life partners)

and just for funzies, I’ll throw in the traditional…


Polyshipping Day



The 1st day of every month is now Polyshipping day. To improve the amount of positive portrayals of OT3+es in fandom, let’s make some content of some kind! Fic, art, even just sketches or rapidfire short prompts about various pairings. Resolve love triangles “the right way”. Portray massive polyamorous cuddle piles of people who all love each other. Platonic threesomes where all partners feel important and it’s not trashy male gaze MFF “the girls just wanna please their man” crap.

Create content, spread the news, show your love. Anything, I guess. Let’s get this going monthly and show our polyships, which let’s face it, never get enough attention, some much-needed love.

Signal Boost! It’s nearly the end of the first for me but I’ll try to put some stuff together for you people in the past tomorrow.


don’t say you’re a writer if you just write fanfiction for your entertainment. you’re only a writer if you kill a bear with a typewriter to appease the spirit of hemingway and slather yourself in ink in tribute to shakespeare, the one true over-penis of literature.

"I absolutely wish that we could [use Facebook like everyone else]. I think it’s so much fun. I see so many people enjoying it so much."

And this why my rant last night. Celebrities are people too and harassing them and stalking them and invading their privacy is just as disgusting as it is when it’s done to anyone else.


That last gif kills me. It’s like, “You say that, but do you really? Should I trust you? Or are you going to disappear on me again?”


the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

why do black people use you in the wrong context? such is "you ugly" instead of "you're ugly" I know u guys can differentiate, it's a nuisance



you a bitch

It’s called copula deletion, or zero copula. Many languages and dialects, including Ancient Greek and Russian, delete the copula (the verb to be) when the context is obvious.

So an utterance like “you a bitch” in AAVE is not an example of a misused you, but an example of a sentence that deletes the copular verb (are), which is a perfectly valid thing to do in that dialect, just as deleting an /r/ after a vowel is a perfectly valid thing to do in an upper-class British dialect.

make me choose | anonymous asked: jax and tara in season two or season four?
if you ever talk that way about tara again, I will pound those half-dead hands so hard into this table, you will never be able to hold that gavel again















Because I haven’t reblogged this in a while. And I still want to watch it over and over and over. Don’t you?

You don’t mind if I reblog this, do you? It’s been a little while…

I like to start off EVERY month with this. So far no one has complained.

OMG. It’s the first of the month. CANNOT forget this.

Happy first of the month, everyone!

Happy first of January, everyone… happy first of a BRAND NEW YEAR!!

Happy February 1, everybody!

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First of June! Not forgetting this one again…

Happy July 1st, everyone! Half of the year is gone already?? How did that happen?

Happy August 1st!

September 1st! Already??

You know what else? We’ve now been reblogging this on the first of the month for a year. Of course everyone was reblogging it quite a bit after it first appeared in July 2013. But we started making it a thing for the first on September 1, 2013.


Running this blog is fascinating.



Especially with my NT lust for data. There are definite trends in what types ask what questions. For example:

  • A significant portion of my ask box is questions about typing and most of them are from confused INTPs. 
  • INxJs are the most likely to tell me random things about their life that I have no response for.
  • IxFPs are the only two types that have told me they will unfollow me if I don’t do something different.
  • ESFJs sort of do this too but in a polite way (and it’s not really significant because there have only been two).
  • ENFPs are the most likely to add a comment to their reblogs.
  • ENTPs are most likely to ask for career advice.
  • INTJs most consistently ask questions they could have just googled.
  • ENTJs like ALL CAPS FOR COMEDIC EFFECT (and it makes me lol).

This inspired me to make an FAQ page so you can check to see if your question is commonly ignored.

Commenting and reblogging.

It makes me giggle that ENFP’s add comments to their reblogs because I very often add comments to my reblogs.


why is this so hard for people to understand