a list of don’ts for goyim in regard to jews and jewishness






  • do not ever ever compare jews or a jewish person to vermin. i don’t care what the context is. it is an incredibly historically loaded thing
  • do not under any circumstances alter our magen david or call it something dirty or awful. it is a symbol of all jews, and if you call it something like “satanic”, you are hurting all jews
  • do not insert israel or palestine in conversations about jewishness or jews when it has nothing to do with either subject
  • do not think knowing a jew gives you authority on anything. having a jewish SO or friend gives you authority on nothing
  • do not think that your country does not have an antisemitism problem. few countries have their hands clean. 
  • do not think that antisemitism is isolated to one region or one people
  • do not think that antisemitism today is harmless or dead or a “political tool”
  • do not ever source nazi/neonazi material for any of your social justice work. i don’t care how “spot on they are for this one issue”, if you do that, you are trash and your social activism is trash too.
  • do not celebrate our holidays because you think it would be a fun thing to do. would you think it’s fun or interesting to walk into a synagogue surrounded by cops on yom kippur, weak from fasting, knowing that your chances of experiencing violence on this holy day have increased a hundredfold because of your jewishness? 
  • do not ever speak over a jew on jewish identity. 
  • do not erase or ignore our suffering
  • do not call our genocide a white people’s genocide
  • do not use our genocide against us. genocide is never a lesson for the victim
  • do not forget the various genocides and suffering of jews outside of europe and the holocaust. 
  • do not forget that we are as subject to various -isms as gentiles. your social activism is not intersectional if you forget jews. 
  • do not forget the jewish history of various social movements
  • do not forget that we are a varied people—jews are never a monolith. 

i dont think there is a single country that has its hands clean tbh

A few other things to add:

  • Do not determine our racial identity for us or deny how we identify.  The only people who determine racial identities are the people wearing the skin.
  • Do not invoke the Old Testament God of Wrath trope.  Just don’t. 
  • Do not demand that any given Jew speak for all of Judaism’s stance on a given subject, particularly a controversial one.  Strangely, we have just as many sub-groups and varying opinions on any given topic as goyim do.  Don’t demand we produce “The Jewish Opinion on X” for you.
  • Do not interrogate us on our personal/familial connection to the Holocaust.  For that matter, don’t apologise for the Holocaust to us.  How about don’t go into the Holocaust unless absolutely necessary?
  • Don’t ask us if we’re “really Jewish.”  Jewish identity is difficult and fraught.  Outsiders don’t get to weigh in.  Patrilineal, secular, atheist, whatever — if we say we’re Jewish, we’re Jewish.  Period the end.  You do not have a horse in this race.
  • Do not fetishize or fixate on our “stereotypically Jewish” features.  That means don’t pet our curly hair, don’t make comments about our noses, and don’t ever qualify that we are really attractive “for a Jew.”
  • Do not presume our level of Jewish religiosity is an invitation for conversion.  We don’t have to be keeping kosher, keeping Shabbat, and going to an Orthodox synagogue to be an engaged Jew.  Just because you don’t find our Jewishness sufficient doesn’t mean that we really need to hear about Jesus.
  • How about just do not try to convert us at all?  It is impossible to live in the West and not have heard about Jesus at least once.  If we’re interested in your church, we’ll ask you. 

read every single bullet point. no skipping, no skimming.

  • Do not assume we support Israel. Some Jews do, some Jews do not. 
  • Zionism is not Judaism. 
  • Don’t assume we speak Hebrew. 
  • Don’t tell us that only having a Jewish father disqualifies us from being Jewish. 

"Yes, I see Boots… Very…. big… bug."


"Yes, I see Boots… Very…. big… bug."





Today is the ten year anniversary of Veronica Mars’ premiere. I’ve been in this malarkey for ten years.

I have nothing really profound to say because I fill up everyone’s dashes every day talking about the franchise (sorry about that), and I’m still a fan all these years later so that’s the impact it’s had. And that’s unnervingly profound lol.

So yeah, happy ten year anniversary to Veronica Mars. Never thought after ten years, this franchise would still be going strong with a film, books, spin-off webisodes, Kristen Bell telling anyone who will listen how she wants a reboot series….

It’s been fun, dammit! Frustrating, sometimes enraging, hilariously emotional, but fun! Let’s keep on doing it.

Happy Anniversary Marshmallows!

Yes Marshmallows, our story is epic.  Spanning years (10!) and continents (Hello to my friends in Hungary, Columbia, England and Austrailia!). Lives ruined (for anyone who has stayed up all night reading fic…or years writing it), bloodshed (I once got a papercut reading the episode summary booklet in my DVD set). EPIC.

Totally worth it.

Happy Anniversary, Marshmallow Peeps!


you can call a character your precious baby, and gush over them, and think they’re the greatest thing ever,

and still recognize that they’ve done some pretty nasty shit.

please and thank you.



Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defence. For every other crime, we call that a confession.

I’ve gotten more angry asks about this post than I have actual reblogs.







me @ the good wife:



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mann, idk at what point of this show’s history it got the label of like, ~ur mom and ur grandma’s show~ which is the consensus i get when i try to get other ppl to watch it. because the good wife is probably one of the better shows that i watch that handles consequences and fallout (still waiting on that fallout for cary tbh. like, kalinda’s a goddamn saint for even taking his call in the beginning of the ep and i sincerely hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle). but yea, if your mom’s watching this and you’re not, i’d rather hang w/ your mom tbh~

Among my friends it’s always the “old rich white Upper East Siders show” and I cannot get them to give it a shot. IT MAKES ME CRAZY. It’s so gooooood.

All I can do is keep talking about it and posting gif sets of Julianna Marguiles doing 1001 variations of her you simple face and Matthew Goode looking like the world’s sexiest woodland fawn and hope that at least a couple of my readers cave.

one of my dearest friend finally caved and watched after like. two years of my arguments and harping. she got to Dramatics You Honor yesterday I think after binging for 2 weeks or so. BUT! i clearly remember her texting me that she didn’t realize that the show was about Alicia Florrick, Lawyer Extraordinaire. and I was like, what did you think the show was about? just her getting cheated on for five seasons by Mr. Big??? and she gave me a very tentative yes. but she’s hooked now and i’m just happy we can move on from this dark period in our friendship of her not watching tgw.

Mr. Ghostcat thought the show was literally going to be 45 minutes of Julianna Marguiles’ face. Just one giant close-up a la the billboards.

Part of the problem is that courtroom dramas are sooooo booooring, like, I can’t even watch them because the writing is so terrible. There’s always someone crying in a corner and about a million square-jawed blondes talking in lawyer-babble and it is all terribly ordinary in a 9:00 o’clock drama sort of way. It’s Law & Order’s fault basically.

What I keep trying to impress upon people is that The Good Wife has big weirdo genes in its DNA. It’s passing as a luxury brand law show for educated wealthy TV watchers. Full of pretty people, familiar faces, courtrooms, crimes. Except it has some of the messiest, most unrepentant characters being good at their jobs but also kind of stupid about other things, constantly negotiating and redefining morality in unsatisfactory ways, week to week. People rarely apologize in The Good Wife world and good lord the women are glorious. I never knew I needed that until I started watching.

Part 1: Celebrities react to the Ferguson protests


"I just really love Captain Swan, okay?"


"I just really love Captain Swan, okay?"


After jerking everyone around for a few months with little beer can men and talk of a Yellow King, HBO’s True Detective is finally ready to start coming clean about the cast for its upcoming second season. “Someone once told me,” it says in a growly McConaughey-esque drawl, “that casting for season two of True Detective is a flat circle. Every piece of news that has come out or will come out, it’s gonna come out over and over and over again.” And thus, one of the earliest #TrueDetectiveSeason2 casting rumors turns out to have been right all along: Colin Farrell will indeed play one of the leads.

Paging absolutelyiris

I was really looking forward to the idea of them casting women as the leads this time around. bleh.



May you have enough money to pay your bills this month with a little extra left over for a bit of fun.

This is one of the nicest things to wish for someone


Get to know me meme » (3/5) Favourite TV shows

Once Upon a Time

"You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic." 


can we just take a moment to admire the incredible amount of sassyness rumple has?


can we just take a moment to admire the incredible amount of sassyness rumple has?

Honestly, though, I need to find some more rumpy stans who aren’t necessarily rumpbelle shippers. Like, Rumpbelle is okay, I like them together. I loved them in the beginning and then kinda waxed and waned on them and am currently at “meh” levels. I liked him better with Cora, tbh.

But I love Rumple/Gold so much. He’s what drew me into the show, what kept me watching when I wasn’t connecting with the other characters early on, what kept me interested when I got bored with other storylines, and while I’ve grown to love some of the characters and ships now (Captain Swan!!!), he’s still my main guy.

I’d love to connect with other Rumple fans who either don’t ship him with Belle or who do but only mildly and that’s not the main reason they love him, yk??

So hit me up if that’s you, or pass this along to someone if you know it’s them.

[Disclaimer: my blog is all over the place with many many fandoms, so if you’re looking for a once/rumple specific blog, this is not it!]


"I’m seeing all these posts about people Only watching for Emma or Regina and I’m sitting over here quietly in the corner going “Rumple?”"


"I’m seeing all these posts about people Only watching for Emma or Regina and I’m sitting over here quietly in the corner going “Rumple?”"