"The sky ain’t falling just yet."

- So, if we both know that it can’t work, then there’s no harm. Right?
- R

omg mysilverylining - are you watching this too? we really are fandom twins! lol

doing the thing

Name Rosemary
Nickname: People call me Rose for short, and people who know me from online often call me soph or sophy even in person, which is cool.
Birthday: July 29
Gender: Cis genderqueer female
Sexuality: Been saying pansexual for years, but thinking now of changing to saying polysexual as that’s more descriptive?
Height: 5’3”
Time zone: Central
What time and date is it there: 9:17pm, Aug. 30, 2014
Average hours of sleep I get each night: 8-12
OTPs: Spuffy, LoVe, Zade, Dandy, Haleb, Delena, Kennash, Frary, Dylan/Brenda, Kara Thrace x anyone.
The last thing I Googled was: epguides for a TV show to make sure I was recording/watching in the right order
First word that comes to mind: Christmas
What I last said to a family member: Probably “I love you” or “love you too”.
One place that makes me happy and why: My favorite restaurant, because being there means I’m about to get some yummy foods.
How many blankets I sleep under: Usually one and a sheet because my room is warm, but when I’m away from home, I pile them on because everywhere else is too cold for me.
Favorite beverage: Water.
The last movie I watched in the cinema was: Divergent. (I had to get up and ask my friends because I couldn’t remember - thank goodness they have better memories than I do!)
Three things I can’t live without: My cat (who grows older and sicker by the day DON’T TALK TO ME), my laptop, my DVR.
Something I plan on learning: honestly nothing - I barely have the energy to do any of the things I already know how to do.
A piece of advice for all my followers: Take 3 deep breaths when something is stressing you out. It does help.
You have to listen to this song: IDK, you all prolly know more songs than I do…
My blog(s): uh, this. and My LJ which I rarely update anymore.


I have this theory that resting bitch face is actually just every girl’s face in its natural state, and it only seems rare and mean b/c most women are conditioned to be in constant state of smiling and using facial expressuons to subtly submit to people around them

"He’s not your son,” said Sirius quietly.

He’s as good as,” said Mrs. Weasley fiercely.





okay, storytime. At a group sleepover, there’s this girl, the most innocent thing you’ve ever met, k? She nods off on the couch early on in the night. As everyone’s getting ready to play cards, one of my friends lean back and hears her mumbling in her sleep.

My friend motions for everyone to be quiet. The girl snuggles her blanket, smiles, and in the sweetest voice, says, “Go on, Brandon. You can jump. It’s only 30 stories.”

My boyfriend sometimes talks in his sleep. One of my favourites so far was when he rolled over early one morning and says to me, very seriously and matter-of-fact,
"Don’t turn him into an alcoholic."
"The tiny monkey. Don’t turn him into an alcoholic."

My freshman year of college, I used to always ask my roommate to wake me up for class. One day, she came back to our room in the middle of the day and I woke up and complained that she let me sleep in. She gave me such a LOOK and said “I tried.”

Thinking I just didn’t wake up, I asked why she didn’t keep trying. She stared at me and said, “you really don’t remember?” I’m like “no, I’ve been sleeping this whole time!”

She finally told me I sat upright, eyes open, and cussed her out before laying back down. She legit thought I was awake and really mad at her!!



m00nside u need to lie down for a bit?




((The ability to appreciate and evaluate human aesthetic is not determined by your sexuality))



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“I love Cora’s thirst for power. She keeps helping women reach power. Regina was her daughter but Anastasia in OUATIW wasn’t. There is something really intriguing about a woman who is helping other women take over worlds.”


Reader Submitted Image

I love Cora’s thirst for power. She keeps helping women reach power. Regina was her daughter but Anastasia in OUATIW wasn’t. There is something really intriguing about a woman who is helping other women take over worlds.”

A quarter of high schools with the highest percentage of black and Latino students do not offer Algebra II; a third of these schools do not offer chemistry. Fewer than half of American Indian and Native-Alaskan high school students have access to the full range of math and science courses in their high school


This is how you do character development. THIS right fucking here. This shows how much she has grown to love each and every one of her sisters. This show is everything a show should be.

The basis of most arguments against trans people is that we are not who we say we are, that we are always and only the gender that we were assigned at birth. And so much of that is about having a sense of certainty around gender, that when you were born with a certain set of genitalia, then that must dictate your entire life, and the reality is that that’s not trueA lot of people are not comfortable with that, because then that means they have to begin to question who they are.- Laverne Cox



I’m just amazed that Tumblr feminists are mad about the anti - rape nail polish.

Men are taught not to rape, but sadly men, well people overall, will still rape. People are taught not to steal or murder but people still steal and murder. So now we just have precautions to help lower our chances of being robbed or murder. Anti rape polish is the same way.

Tumblr Feminists who are against anti rape nail polish just want people to get raped so that they can tout their tumblr feminist agenda.

You people are disgusting.

"Anti-Rape" nail polish is great for women who frequently drink in public or who want to test their drinks. It’s a pretty decent way to detect a spiked glass. However, this doesn’t prevent rape. It doesn’t prevent assault. All it does is identify a roofie, which may be helpful in some situations, but is certainly not a solution to rape culture.   

What about the majority of rape victims? Approximately 2/3 of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim, while 38% of rapists are a friend or acquaintance. How will this nail polish save someone from being coerced into sex? Or someone who is being frequently assaulted by a family member? Or someone who is taken advantage of by their spouse? Roofies account for a relatively small percentage of rapes. While it’s a wonderful way to potentially minimize their threat, it is not anti-rape by a long shot. Rape is enacted by a rapist, not by a drug.

And now, how much of this anti-rape responsibility should really be forced onto the victim? If someone’s drink is spiked, is it their fault that they didn’t detect that in time? Can we now expect judges and police officers to tell victims “Why weren’t you wearing anti-rape nail polish? Why didn’t you take precautions? You were lazy and actively engaged in risky behavior!” And that’s not far off from saying “This rape is your own fault.” Women already have so many responsibilities when it comes to “protecting themselves” and preventing rape (don’t walk alone at night, don’t dress provocatively, don’t flirt with men that you’re not going to sleep with, don’t drink too much, don’t smile at strangers, don’t ever leave your group, don’t go out at night), this is just adding to the pile: Don’t forget to wear your nail polish.

The fact of the matter is that it’s easier to invent products like this than it is to target the actual cause of rape: Rapists. Because yes, while men may be taught not to rape, people are not being taught what rape actually is. We are not taught about enthusiastic consent, about coercion, about date rape, about stalking, about in-explicit threats of violence, or even about the possibility of rape existing outside of PIV sex. Many men (and women) only view rape as a violent act that occurs between strangers, and this is a huge problem because it prevents people from analyzing their own behaviors and tactics when it comes to having sex. A substantial number of men actually agree with rape when the word “rape” isn’t used, and many of them freely admit to committing it. The word may leave a bad taste in their mouth, but many have no problem with the action itself.

Nail polish does not stop a rapist from assaulting their victim. All it does is give the victim one small tool to help them stay aware of their situation. Does it help in some cases? Absolutely. But is it a substantial solution that we should be praising from the heavens? Absolutely not.

No one should be raped. No one ever deserves that. Feminism is about ending this threat for everyone - That is exactly why we are going to be critical of every “anti-rape” step that is taken. If it doesn’t actually move us away from a rape culture, and if it continues to put the onus of responsibility (and guilt) upon the victim, then this is worth discussing. 

We can do so much better